How to Rock Boots in the Summer

How to Rock Boots in the Summer


Whoever said boots were only for cold weather didn’t know how stylish they can be in the summer! You can easily pull off a trendy look in summer with a cute pair of boots. So, pull out your favorite combat, western, or platformed boots and start planning the perfect outfit! This guide will tell you the secret of how to rock boots in the summer.

Use Them as an Accent

Shoes are a perfect addition to any outfit. You can wear a color that matches or something contrasting to give your look the pop it needs! When you’re clothes are monochromatic, step up your fashion game with colored boots. For a fun night out, consider some red platforms. But when you need something a little classier, look no further than a pair of black-heeled boots.


If you’re not sure where to start or how to use your boots as an accent, you can scope the internet for some ideas. Plenty of fashion experts upload photos of their outfits to social media to give others some inspiration!

Try Out New Fashion Trends

Companies make boots for just about every fashion trend. You could go for a sporty look with some yoga pants and hiking boots, or you could center outfits around other trends. Here are a few styles to consider and how to pull them off:

  • Grunge: Pull out your favorite pair of combat boots and bomber jackets.
  • Bohemian: Get a pair of colorful boots and some free-flowing clothing.
  • Country chic: Pair a cute pair of cowgirl boots and some denim.

And as far as country chic goes, western boots pair great with more than flannel and denim. You can wear western boots with a floral sundress or even something a little more formal. Some western brides even pair their best boots with their bridal gowns! Boots are fashion must-haves because they’re so versatile. Not only can you wear them any time of year, but they pair great with every outfit.

Make It Summery

The final must-know tip on how to rock boots in the summer is to get creative and make it summery. Of course, you don’t want to wear thick winter boots in the blazing heat, but there are many options for warm weather. They don’t make open-toed boots for no reason! You can wear high or ankle boots since fashion is about making a statement.

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