5 Steps to Plan Your Fashion Brand

Aspiration to Action: 5 Steps to Plan Your Fashion Brand Launch

Aspiration to Action: 5 Steps to Plan Your Fashion Brand Launch


Have you always dreamed of launching your own fashion brand?  So many people have this dream, but very few take the leap into entrepreneurship. Ambition and courage are essential, but to be successful you need to make a PLAN! 

5 Steps to Plan Your Fashion Brand

Here are five core milestones you will need to plan.

1). WHO is this brand?  

AKA brand identity.  What do you want people to think of when they see your brand? Think of basic characteristics like strength, power, or perseverance; or you can aim at lifestyles like mindful living.  The key is to identify the feeling of your brand– and it should be considered with every design, image and ad you create.


2). Who will buy your product? 

This is important!  When you identify your target customer, you define where they shop, how they shop, how much they spend on clothing, and how they spend their time.  Understanding this helps in your costing, design, business strategy, marketing, and more.


3). Create a line plan! 

Start sketching, collecting images and inspiration, and getting your ideas onto paper! You don’t have to be a trained artist to draw- the idea is to be able to visually communicate your concepts.  A combination of simple drawings, images gathered from online and actual clothing from your closet are perfect for creating you collection. Imagine explaining exactly what you want to a manufacturer or development company, and gather what you need to communicate as much as you can.


4). Find your maker! 

Our favorite scenario is when your developer is also the production company, but that is not always the case. The most important thing is to find a person or company who can make tech packs, patterns and prototypes. The BIG THREE in development. Being able to work with you throughout development and get you ready to produce your product is key. Also amazing is if this company can do or manage your protection.


5). Marketing, marketing, marketing!  

A step that is so often underestimated, this is SO IMPORTANT! Once you have your samples made in the correct fabrics, you can take your product and marketing photos, build your website and plan your marketing strategy! 

The excitement at this point in your big launch is off the charts! And for good reason- most people don’t take the leap to achieve their dream.  And out of those, so many don’t make it to the point of launch. So once you get to this point, PUSH YOURSELF FORWARD! Make your dream a successful business!


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