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Tips for Making Your Winter Clothes Stylish

With bulk coats and ski pants, it can be challenging looking spiffy when you’re in the cold. Use these tips for making your winter clothes stylish to help you.

Tips for Making Your Winter Clothes Stylish


Most winter clothes were built to keep us warm—not to make us look good. However, to some of us, both factors matter equally. If you don’t want to lose your chic look to the cold weather, check out these tips for making your winter clothes stylish.

Don Thermal Layers

One of the easiest ways to lose your style in the winter is by putting half of your closet in hibernation because it isn’t warm enough. By wearing a thin layer of thermal tights and tops beneath your clothes, you can still wear thin, stylish clothes without having to sacrifice warmth. Rather than wearing bulky clothes, thermal tights can give the appearance of not even dressing for the weather. If the wool is thick enough, you could even wear shorts in the winter while staying warm.

Wear a Belt With a Winter Coat

If you have a long winter coat, you should get one with waist definition or pair it with a belt, so you don’t look like you’re drowning in it. When picking out a belt for your coat, try to match the color as best as possible. Also, you’ll want to make sure that the hardware of the belt matches the jacket’s zippers.

Use a Waterproof Spray

Just because winter boots are thermal doesn’t mean they are waterproof; materials like suede and faux fur won’t be resistant to the wear from melting ice. However, you can make your shoes more resilient with a waterproof spray. While these sprays aren’t cure-alls, they will allow you to wear your boots in harsher conditions with minimal damage.

Avoid Trends

Since winter clothes are seasonal and expensive, they typically last in a wardrobe much longer than the other things in your closet, and a jacket that’s trendy now may be out of style in a few years. To avoid getting stuck with out-of-style clothes, stick to the classics when picking out your winter clothes. By picking out gloves, boots, and gloves in neutral colors like black or white, you can style them with more clothes for a longer time.

After exploring these tips more making your winter clothes stylish, you can maintain your look year-round without getting cold.

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