The Trend Cycle: Balaclavas Will Be Back

The Trend Cycle: Balaclavas Will Be Back


With the weather warming up and new spring trends making their way into our lives, stores and social media feeds, everyone is looking out for what to wear this season to stay on-trend. New York Fashion Week in combination with influencers on Instagram and TikTok pave the way for what will soon trickle down into everyday attire for spring going into summer. 

This brings up the trickle-down theory which was first explained by Thorstein Veblen.  In short, this theory basically embodies that an item, idea, or concept first prized by people at the top is then gradually adopted or accepted by those lower. In fashion, this is how most trends or clothing gain popularity. For example, at this year’s most recent New York Fashion Week, mini skirts were seen all over the place, and from many different designers such as LaQuan Smith’s Fall 2022 collection, specifically, look 3. 

Although this is just one of the many trends we can expect to see this spring, it can be hard to leave behind the big winter trends we witnessed this year. From the adored Moon Boot to the ever so warm balaclavas, it is crazy to think just how fast these trends came and went and for some, it can be hard to keep up with this vicious cycle of trying to keep up. Or, for those that were able to participate, the question, “when will I ever be able to wear these trends again,” can keep us up at night. All the time spent tracking these cycles, saving the money to quickly purchase them before they go out of style, and then only being able to wear them for a short period of time.

But, it does not have to be that way. For some more basic trends, such as balaclavas, can easily be worn every winter season just because of how handy they actually are. Regardless of whether they are in style or not. 

The balaclava look has been highly praised and respected all of winter, from regular Joe’s sporting it to high fashion runway models— with no questions asked. Whether it be next year or within the next 10 years, the balaclava will cycle back around again. And, again.


Photo – cottonbro


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