Tips and Tricks for Buying a Unique Engagement Ring

Every bride-to-be wants an extraordinary engagement ring. Keep shopping simple with these four tips and tricks for buying a unique engagement ring!

Tips and Tricks for Buying a Unique Engagement Ring


Buying an engagement ring is an exciting step in the bridal process, and finding your perfect one takes a fair amount of time. Most everyone loves the idea of having a ring that’s one of a kind. While some couples inherit precious family heirlooms, others shop around for the best ring or have it made. As you prepare to hit the shops, keep these tips and tricks for buying a unique engagement ring in your back pocket!

Set a Budget

Begin your shopping journey by deciding how much you want to spend on the engagement ring. You may have to make sacrifices on areas like diamond size, clarity, or cut to buy a ring that fits within your budget. As you do this, remember to choose carefully so that you still end up with a ring that you love—don’t give up something you consider a must-have.


If you’re having a hard time finding a ring that aligns with your budget, consider purchasing a lab-grown diamond. These look as amazing as natural ones and can be 50 percent cheaper!

Know Your Style

Style impacts various areas surrounding your ring, including:

  • Gemstone type
  • Gemstone shape
  • Band metal
  • Ring design

Jot down what you like best in each of these areas so that you don’t feel too overwhelmed when you begin your shopping adventures. You’ll have to decide whether you prefer a single diamond or cluster; also, think about the metal. Do you like white gold or yellow gold best? If you feel unsure, look through the other jewelry you own and what you wear most, then go from there.

Evaluate Different Shapes

While the gemstone’s shape does fall into a personal style, selecting the right one makes a ring more unique. Round, pear, oval, princess cut, and emerald-cut are among the most common shapes. Of course, you can make a ring appear unique regardless of the shape of the center stone by adding a halo or interesting cut to the band.

Buy a Custom Ring

The final of the tips and tricks for buying a unique engagement ring is to get one custom-made! This way, you can choose the exact gemstone you want, plus its shape and band material. Best yet, no one will ever have the same ring as yours since you made it. Remember, as you search for your extraordinary ring, what’s most important is that you feel it symbolizes your love for your partner.


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