Accessories You Need for Your New Spring Wardrobe

With the wintertime chill starting to say goodbye, spring is here! It’s time to transition from heavy coats to open-weave cardigans and denim.

Accessories You Need for Your New Spring Wardrobe


We’re starting to wear lighter clothing with spring upon us as the sun peeks out more. But with a new wardrobe comes new accessories. It can be challenging to figure out what goes best with your new outfits since there are so many choices. We’ve gathered the three top accessories you need for your new spring wardrobe to make it easier.


We’re not just dressing lighter—we’re traveling lighter! Every outfit can benefit from a handbag, and really, what better accessory is there? Handbags are compact, always in season, and convenient. You really can’t ask for anything better. Handbags are the perfect accessories for any occasion because they help you stay stylish and organized.


Headwear can be a hugely controversial topic, depending on who you ask. It can save you from a bad hair day, but it can also cause one if you’re not careful. When it comes to accessories you need for your new spring wardrobe, hats are the most versatile. Sun hats, head wraps, and caps are suitable for this time of year. They can block out the sun a bit or even help keep you a little warmer on those chillier days.

However, always keep your hair texture in mind when shopping for headwear. A trendy bucket hat may be perfect for one person, but it may cause a disaster for another.


While wearing extreme bling may not be the best idea, dainty necklaces, anklets, and bracelets with bold colors are the way to go. Florals may be an overdone trope in springtime fashion, but pressed flowers in pendants and earrings are trending. Keep an eye out for those unique boho-chic pieces that give a new meaning to spring fashion.

Remember that you want to think of an outfit as an art piece. You should consider what draws the eye and what keeps things tastefully subtle. You never want it to look like the outfit is wearing you.

Photo – Jill Wellington

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