Skirts for the Summer

Skirts for the Summer


One of the most versatile options to stay cool and trendy this summer is to wear skirts. Whether you decide to rock a mini, midi, or maxi skirt — you are sure to have endless possibilities in outfits no matter the occasion. 

Starting from the top, mini skirts have finally made their way back into the trend cycle from the early 2000s once again. Think back to the days when Britney Spears would blast on every radio station in between Justin Timberlake songs as everyone sported Juicy Couture velour tracksuits… And, you have the prime of mini skirts in fashion. As very popular trends always do, these mini skirts are back in for the summer. There is no doubt that styling a mini skirt is going to be just as easy as styling a midi or maxi would be, but with a little bit of thought— you can easily bring it back. 

Mini skirts are perfect for casual outings with friends during the day or for a night out. If you are going for that early 2000s look that was once praised, pairing a cropped baby tee with a fun saying on it is one of your safest bets to looking stylish. One of the biggest stars who really brought all the attention and craze to mini skirts is Paris Hilton. For inspiration on styling a mini skirt this season, just the simple Google search of “Paris Hilton mini skirt” will lead you to a plethora of fits that are sure to inspire you.

            If you’re not interested in a super short hemline such as the mini skirt, midi skirts will be your best friend. The midi is a perfect in-between style that can fall either right above the knee or right below it. These skirts can be worn anywhere, anytime. The history behind midi skirts goes farther back than mini skirts with their peak popularity dating back to the 90s. Typically seen in an A-line or pencil style, these skirts are great for a day at the park or even going to the office at 9 am. Dress them up with a tucked top and blazer combo for a professional, but comfortable look for the office, or swap out the blazer for a jean jacket to create a more day-to-day look.

           Tailoring our hemlines downward, we arrive at maxi skirts. While there is not much of a difference between midi and maxi as there is between mini and maxi — these skirts tend to be much fuller and flowy than other skirt styles. Maxi skirts are perfect for dressier occasions where you don’t necessarily want to wear a dress but still want to look the part. Even now, there are two-piece “dresses” which are essentially just maxi skirts with a matching crop top, for an elegant look. The best part about maxi skirts is their ability to provide timeless and dressed-up looks while also being able to be worn in a much more casual setting such as a restaurant on the beach for a sunset dinner. 

           No matter which hemline you choose, it’s safe to say all kinds of skirts are fully in for the summer and waiting to be worn out. 

Which style of skirt is your favorite? How do you like to wear it? Inspire us and share your favorite skirt looks in the comments below.


Photo – Godisable Jacob

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