Fashion for Men: How to Match Your Watch with Your Clothes

Be the best-dressed man at an event by learning how to match your watch with the clothes you are wearing. Completely transform your look with a few tips.

Fashion for Men: How to Match Your Watch with Your Clothes


Do you want to get a better grip on your fashion sense? A huge component of a formal wardrobe for a man is the type of wristwatch he pairs with his suit or outfit. Learn how to better match your watch with your clothes for a well-rounded, put-together outfit style.

Event Formality

First, you must understand the wardrobe style for the event you plan on attending. Will you be wearing a suit? Or jeans and a T-shirt? The event type will determine the appropriate wristwatch to wear. Never pair a pilot or field watch with business formal clothing; instead, stick with a dress or dive watch. Vice versa, never wear a dress watch with a casual outfit, or the jewelry will look out of place.

Mixing Metals With Colors

Did you know that gold and silver pair better with different colors? Silver watches couple extremely well with black, blue, or gray shades, while gold pairs with brown, beige, and other earth tones. Be mindful of this when you are getting dressed—if you’re in a hurry, a metal watch bracelet will pair with just about any formal color you plan on wearing.

Interchangeable Watch Straps

Nowadays, you can purchase additional men’s interchangeable watch straps. You don’t have to worry about having each type of watch in your collection; simply transform the timepiece you currently own into something completely different. You can change the metal strap for a leather one when you’re going to a business meeting or attending a wedding without having to spend extra money on a totally new wristwatch.

Match the Shoes

If you are ever questioning your choices, match the timepiece with the color of your shoes instead of matching your watch with your clothes. This completes a look and makes your outfit look more symmetrical from your feet to your shoulders. Choose a strap or watch that has leather the same color as your shoes—this works every time if you are in a pinch.

As a bonus, heirloom watches/watches passed down from generation to generation are considered a catchall timepiece and can be worn with just about anything. While that type of watch is always appropriate, be careful of other watches you choose to match your outfits because certain watch styles are incompatible with certain apparel. Choose carefully which watch you plan on wearing to formal events to ensure your outfit is cohesive.

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