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Mistakes to Avoid When Planning a Fashion Show

Do you have a fashion show on the horizon? Exceed expectations for your event by learning from these mistakes to avoid when planning a fashion show.

Mistakes to Avoid When Planning a Fashion Show


Fashion shows can be great opportunities to show off incredible artistry. However, although many fashion shows succeed, some event planners make mistakes that lead to avoidable annoyances. Thankfully, just because these mistakes are common doesn’t mean that you have to make them too. Help the day flow wonderfully by taking the following tips into consideration.

Fash Bash Danny Lucci

Forgetting the Substance in Your Style

A fashion show should look beautiful enough to reflect the stunning style of the clothes. Plus, your decor should adhere to the event’s overall theme. That said, avoid randomly placing decorations just because they look nice. Consider the substance it brings to your event. For example, a stunning drape backdrop can be a beautiful divider or a way to cover an unattractive part of the venue.

If you randomly place the backdrop somewhere in the venue, the fabric may look nice, but what is it truly adding to the event? So, with any decor, ask yourself why it is there whenever you add something to the venue. Don’t forget to consider how it directly impacts your surroundings. You may have stunning sculptures for the event, but are they blocking doorways? Do they play into the overall theme of the event? Scrutinizing your design choices like this will yield the most substantive and stylish setup.

Neglecting to Hold Tech Rehearsals

It helps to test your event equipment back at your office, but you should make sure it all works in the venue too. You may not want to hold a tech rehearsal in the interest of time, but this step is invaluable. If there is an issue with the lighting equipment or the wiring in the venue, you can troubleshoot in the tech rehearsal.

You can also experiment with lighting placement to ensure you illuminate the space beautifully without detracting from the fashion itself. Head back out to the store to pick up new lights, speakers, and more hardware if you discover that you don’t have enough during tech rehearsals. If necessary, hold multiple rehearsals until you’re sure everything is good to go.

Not Experimenting with Your Music Choices

One of the most important tips for choosing draping fabric for a fashion show is to consider how it elevates the whole venue. This is critical information for fashion shows, but the decor isn’t the only design element that elevates events. Music achieves this effect too. Collaboration can be very effective but don’t leave total creative freedom of the music to a DJ. Consider your fashion show theme, the clothing, and even the decorations to find a collection of music that brings it all together.

Whether you want your event’s soundtrack to be very upbeat or atmospheric, make that known to the DJ beforehand. This is helpful to do during tech rehearsals because you can experience the music in the venue. That said, don’t hesitate to close your eyes and listen to random tunes at home to get inspired.

Now that you know these three mistakes to avoid when planning a fashion show, use them to keep your event as organized as it is gorgeous!

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