5 Mistakes You Should Avoid When Wearing a Formal Hat

Hats are a great way to enhance your look and add an extra touch of style to any outfit. Discover five mistakes you should avoid when wearing a formal hat.

5 Mistakes You Should Avoid When Wearing a Formal Hat


A formal hat, when adorned correctly, can be the definitive accessory.


A formal hat, when adorned correctly, can be the definitive accessory that sets you apart, lending an air of elegance and making a distinctive style statement. The art of wearing a formal hat could turn negative if you overlook certain practices, turning this stylish addition into a regrettable fashion faux pas.

The key lies in understanding the subtle complexities and avoiding common mistakes. Learning these five mistakes you should avoid when wearing a formal hat will help you navigate the fascinating yet occasionally perplexing world of formal headgear.

Ignoring Hat Etiquette

Hat etiquette goes beyond just knowing when to take your hat off; it also includes understanding where and when you can wear certain types. Wearing a formal hat at an informal event or vice versa can seem out of place and disrespectful. Hat etiquette also extends to how you wear your hat. Wearing it angled too far back or too low over your eyes can affect the overall aesthetic and project an image of carelessness or lack of attention to detail.

Overlooking the Weather

Wearing a hat when it’s not weather-appropriate is a common faux pas. A hat is a practical item meant to protect your head from the weather. Wearing a straw hat in winter or a woolen one in summer can make your outfit seem out of place. Always consider the weather when choosing which hat to wear.

Pairing With the Wrong Suit

Not all hats go well with suits; they both must meet certain specifications. The best hats to pair with suits are those that match or complement the style, color, and fabric of your suit. A classic fedora pairs well with a three-piece suit, while a trilby suits a slim-fit suit. The key is to create a harmonious balance between your hat and suit.

Choosing the Wrong Hat Size

Choosing the wrong size is another common mistake when wearing a formal hat. One that’s too small can make you feel uncomfortable and appear squeezed, while a hat that’s too large can easily fall off or look oversized. To avoid this, make sure to measure your head properly before purchasing a hat, and always try it on first.

Neglecting Hat Care

Proper hat care is an important step that will preserve your style. Regardless of the hat type, you’ll need to know specific care practices to maintain the hat’s shape, structure, and color vibrancy. Depending on the material of your hat, you may need to use specific cleaning solutions, soft cloths, or a mild detergent.

Wearing a formal hat is an art that requires knowledge of hat etiquette, choosing the right size, pairing it with the right suit, considering the weather, and proper hat care. Avoiding these common mistakes will help you look your best at any type of event.

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