Sustainable Suggestions for Fighting Fast Fashion

Do you love modern fashion but don’t love the impact that the industry has on the environment? Learn sustainable suggestions for fighting fast fashion here.

Sustainable Suggestions for Fighting Fast Fashion


The rise of fast fashion has led to a dramatic increase in textile waste.


The rise of fast fashion has led to a dramatic increase in textile waste, pollution, and resource-intensive consumption. Leading brands are bowing to the pressure of evolving with the seasons, coming out with new lines of clothing regularly. However, clothing from these brands is affordable and stylish—an enticing combination for most fashion enthusiasts. Therefore, people who are conscious of the growing environmental crisis face the challenge of finding stylish clothing that doesn’t harm the planet or their wallets. Read on for sustainable suggestions for fighting fast fashion so you can become an eco-friendly fashionista.

First and Foremost: Don’t Buy What You Don’t Need

The most straightforward way to reduce the impact of fast fashion is to be a conscious consumer. Always ask yourself whether you genuinely need or want the clothing item you’re eyeing. Buying something because you really want it and will wear it is great—this advice is to help you avoid impulse buys that will collect dust in your closet after one or two wears. So ask yourself: Is the item truly versatile, high-quality, and something you can imagine yourself wearing for years to come? If not, it may be better to skip that purchase.

Get Into Thrifting

Thrift, second-hand, or vintage stores have become a gold mine for fashion enthusiasts. These stores offer the perfect opportunity to find unique, stylish, and even designer items at a fraction of their original cost. Shopping at these establishments also plays an essential role in recycling and reducing textile waste. Don’t dismiss thrifting as an inferior choice—with a keen eye and patience, you might stumble upon your next treasured item.

If You Can, Buy From Sustainable Brands

While you probably won’t be able to completely avoid fast fashion, you can still do your part by supporting sustainable and ethical brands if your budget allows. These companies prioritize the use of materials with a lower environmental impact, fair wages and working conditions for their employees, and clothing designs that are made to last. By supporting these brands, you’re making a statement with your lifestyle and contributing financially to the values you believe in.

Learn Basic Sewing Skills To Give New Life to Old Clothing

One resourceful way to deal with fast fashion is by repurposing old clothing. Learning basic sewing skills can add immense value to your wardrobe and decrease your environmental impact. Maybe that old blouse just needs a new button, or perhaps you can breathe new life into worn jeans by transforming them into shorts. You can even take scrap cloth from previous projects and make something entirely new and entirely chic!

These guidelines, while simple, are the first steps to living a more sustainable lifestyle while remaining fashionable. By implementing these sustainable suggestions for fighting fast fashion, you will contribute positively to the environment and contribute to your passion for fashion. The more people embrace eco-friendly alternatives and engage in these practices, the clearer and louder the message will be that it’s time for us all to be part of the solution.


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