Retail Therapy: Ways Retailers Get You to Buy

Have you ever wondered why you leave a store with more items than what was on the shopping list? These are the ways retailers will get you to buy more.

Retail Therapy: Ways Retailers Get You to Buy

Retail therapy is the term used to describe the act of shopping to improve one’s mood.


Have you ever walked into a store feeling down and walked out with a new purchase, feeling much happier? You might have experienced retail therapy without even knowing it. Retail therapy is the term used to describe the act of shopping to improve one’s mood. But have you ever wondered why retailers employ particular techniques to encourage you to buy? Explore how retailers utilize retail therapy to get you to buy more items.

Enticing Scents

Ever wondered why stores each have a unique smell? It is because they use fragrances that entice you to stay, perk up your mood, and ultimately try to get you to spend more money. That’s the power of scent marketing in retail. Sometimes, certain stores will even pump out scents that make you feel hungry, like the smell of fresh-baked bread near the entrance of the supermarket.

Limited-Time Offers

Limited-time offers are another tried-and-true way to get people to buy more since many are afraid of missing out on something unique and feel more inclined to make a purchase. These offers can be anything from a time-limited sale to limited edition items.

Mood-Enhancing Music

Music is a powerful marketing tool that retailers can use to energize you and create a specific atmosphere in a shop. Stores play music because the right tunes can make you want to stay and explore the store, which leads to discovering more products that you might decide to buy.

Emotional Triggers

Stores use emotional triggers to appeal to your feelings and encourage you to buy more. For example, some stores will display images of smiling people who are happy with their purchases. These images may entice you to purchase those same items and associate positive feelings with the products.

Shopping Bag Psychology

Have you ever noticed most shopping bags are quite large? Well, this is not by accident. The extra space could make you feel like you haven’t purchased enough, causing you to buy more products to fill that space.

The retail experience involves a lot more than simply buying what you need. There are many ways retailers encourage retail therapy so that customers buy more products. If you’re not planning an all-out shopping spree, stay mindful of these tactics so you can curb the temptation to indulge in retail therapy and shop with a clear mind.

Photo – Andrea Piacquadio

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