Remo Tulliani: Craftsmanship and Holistic Design

Remo Tulliani: Craftsmanship and Holistic Design


Belts made with meticulous care and utilizing only the finest leather sourced from Italy.


Remo Tulliani’s artisanal workshop, a unique gem in the arid beauty of Phoenix, Arizona, stands out as an American Southwest brand of excellence. It sets itself apart by meticulously crafting belts and using only the finest leather sourced from Italy, a testament to its commitment to quality and authenticity.

At the heart of the workshop, Remo Tulliani, the visionary behind the brand, and his team pour their passion and dedication into each belt, cutting them by hand daily. They believe that good design is not just about aesthetics, but also about blending form and function. Every stitch is a testament to their dedication, and they believe that every detail should have a reason, and each piece should tell its own unique story.

Tulliani’s designs are detailed to ensure that the fit and feel are perfected for his customers as he strives to give each design a sense of identity. Tulliani draws inspiration from the rugged landscapes of both Arizona and his Italian heritage. Reflecting on his journey, he shares,

“Holistic design is about more than just aesthetics. It’s about honoring the materials, the process, and the environment in which we work. It’s about creating something that not only looks beautiful but feels meaningful.”

For Spring, the brand unveils new bursts of color and texture in their latest collection. The line features belts in vibrant blue, green, and pink hues and a range of tans and neutrals. Each belt offers a unique look and feel, from woven patterns to embossed paisley and crocodile textures. Whether you prefer a serene garden-inspired design or a touch of exotic flair, this collection has something for everyone. To view more of the new collection, visit

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