Ceasar Walks

Caesar Walks: Eye Catching Footwear and Loafers

Caesar Walks Provides Eye-Catching Footwear for Men and Women


Caesar Walks Footwear for Men


Caesar Walks Black Loafer


Caesar Walks brand is a luxury brand launched in Fall of 2017 with a reputation for quality and eye-catching footwear designs. Caesar Walks company launched its loafer collection with a handmade Italian velour fabric loafer paired with an exquisite red silk insole and gold threading etched on the vamp of the loafer.


Ceasar Walker Blue Loafer


Above is the Caesar Walks loafer inspired by the Gardens of Versailles. If you want to get your foot in this loafer, you will have to add your name to the waiting list of 900 plus hopefuls.  The loafer has been sold out for over a month.


Ceasar Walks Belgian Loafer


Caesar Walks recently stepped into women’s footwear with the release of their women’s style of the traditional male Belgian loafer in raw cotton canvas with multi-colored insertable fabric.

Would you like to see more? You can follow the brand on Instagram @caesarwalks.us and you can view the entire collection at www.caesarwalks.com.
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