4 Commonly Made Beauty Mistakes

4 Commonly Made Beauty Mistakes


There are many types of beauty products for all sorts of needs that we use every day. While many of these products are reliable, mistakes are often made due to simple misunderstandings. Some of these do’s and don’ts might seem like common knowledge, but some are easy to overlook. To learn about some commonly made beauty mistakes, read below.

Not Caring Enough for Your Hands

Many beauty products promote skincare. While the majority act as skin protection for your chest, shoulders, and back, you shouldn’t forget about your hands! They are the most common part of your body exposed to the sun and other elements along with your face. Disregarding your hands can lead to dryness, cracking, and aging. Using a hand cream that is infused with SPF 40 will help keep your hands soft and young. Keep some in the bathroom next to your soap to remind yourself to moisturize.

Not Washing Off Makeup

After a long night out, the idea of having to go through a full makeup removal process before getting into bed can seem exhausting. Often, this deters people from doing so, and they will sleep with their makeup on. This can cause many issues for your skin. Even when people do a fast face wash, they can still have traces of makeup on, which leads to problems. General issues include skin irritation, breakouts from acne, and general uncleanliness since this can cause a ton of bacteria to build up. Look into using special cleansers that help clean deeply and thoroughly into the pores, which will help remove every last bit of makeup.

Being Too Rough with Exfoliation

This is a very common beauty mistake. It is easy to believe when you suffer from extreme amounts of dry skin or acne that the harder you scrub your skin, the better it will remove the dirt and bacteria from your pores. The reality is, this will do more harm than good. The more you touch and pry at your skin, the more your skin becomes damaged in the long run. Part of this is because it roves the natural oils and creates micro-tears. Imagine what constant harsh scrubbing will do. Instead, consider a chemical exfoliant to clear your skin without removing natural oils. This also lessens the beating on your skin.

Failing to Properly Care for and Prep Your Nails

Getting your nails done is another fashion and beauty trend. Whether you are someone who likes to get their nails done regularly or not, it is important to know how to properly care for your nails and prep them for a manicure. Make sure they are properly cleaned before any manicure. Also, be sure to protect your cuticles from adhesives. Forgetting this is one of the major mistakes to avoid with dip powder nails. It can peal from the cuticle which can cause the whole manicure to lift.

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