Ways To Dress Up Athletic Wear

Ways To Dress Up Athletic Wear

Over the last few years, wearing athletic wear has become popular. The pandemic kicked that trend into high gear, and now people are fully embracing the athletic-wear trend. Your classic fitness pieces are just waiting to be transformed. Whether you are working with what you have or looking to buy something new, breathing new life into your wardrobe is much easier than you think.


Leggings are one of the most popular pieces of athletic wear because of their versatility and comfort. There are also many styles of legging, so there is something for everyone. Leggings look great with nearly any other piece of clothing, but leggings look particularly good with an oversized piece on top. Wearing an oversized or chunky sweater with leggings is one of the ways to dress up athletic wear. This outfit is comfortable and relaxed, but still dressed up. Pairing this outfit with some jewelry, like a necklace, allows you to express your personal style, too. If you want to give your outfit a little extra pizzazz, try wearing patterned leggings.

Sports Bra

A sports bra is another piece of athletic wear that can be easily dressed up. Sports bras are one item that many people think should only be worn during workouts, but this is far from the truth. One way to wear a sports bra outside of the gym is by pairing it with a jacket. A sports bra looks chic under a leather jacket because it gives you the ability to show some skin. A leather jacket, sports bra, and leggings quickly transform a fitness look into a date-night look. Wearing a sports bra with any chic jacket gives your look a trendy feel. A sports bra can also be paired with high-waisted pants or trousers. Again, finish the look with a leather jacket. Sports bras do not have to be hidden so be sure to give this look a try.

Hoodie or Sweatshirt

Believe it or not, you can dress up a hoodie. Everyone has a hoodie in their wardrobe, but many people would not attempt to dress it up. You may be surprised to know that a hoodie looks very chic when paired with a blazer. The key is getting an oversized blazer to pair with the hoodie. Typically, a solid-colored hoodie is your best bet; however, a graphic hoodie can also work. A blazer and hoodie pair well with black leggings or any tight-fitting pants. This outfit looks chic with heeled booties. For a more relaxed look, incorporate sneakers instead.

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