Top Predictions for Post-Pandemic Fashion

Top Predictions for Post-Pandemic Fashion


The pandemic brought us the Zoom shirt and made sweatpants chic. With vaccines on the way, followers of fashion are looking ahead to what clothes will be like when we emerge from isolation. Here are some top predictions for post-pandemic fashion.

Casual and Comfortable Continues

Working from home saw the rise of “homewear.” Soft, comfortable fabrics sewn in styles presentable in a video chat aren’t going away. Post-pandemic, many people will continue to work from home and will expect their clothing to be functional, comfortable, and easy to wash.

Timeless, Not Seasonal

Fashion “seasons” will cease to exist in their prior form. Staying home has caused consumers to re-evaluate how they spend money, and to reflect on the ethics of disposable clothing. As a result, classic pieces in colors and fabrics that work in several seasons, and for years to come, will be the norm. Limited consumer dollars will flow toward neutral colors and wardrobe standards like wide-leg trousers, sweaters, flowy white blouses, and all-purpose blazers that transcend fads.

Masks as Accessories

Everyone from cycling shops to makers of cellphone cases jumped on the mask-making bandwagon during the first few months of the pandemic. With the slow rollout of vaccines, public health officials expect masking will be necessary deep into 2021, and possibly beyond. Many have noticed that wearing a mask seems to have reduced the frequency of colds and help protect against the effects of pollution.

Masks have become a branding opportunity: they appear with logos, team insignia, or flags. DIY mask makers found ways to add personality to the practicality and necessity of masking, using bright prints or original designs. Coordinating your mask with your outfit is a trend that’s likely to last at least another year.

Upcycling and Recycling

When lingering in shops was no longer an option, and with job losses squeezing budgets tight, people began to assess how to work with what they had. Mixing existing pieces into new outfits, experimenting with tie-dyeing, and recycling fabrics from worn-out pieces into new garments became a DIY hobby born of necessity.

Dressing up Will Come Back

Fashion history has had major inflection points after traumatic, globe-shattering events. Clothing changed drastically after WWI, WWII, and the Spanish flu pandemic of 2018. Fashion found new forms of expression from daywear to evening gowns.

Post-pandemic fashion will embrace dressing up as a rare opportunity to be savored. With workwear remaining casual, evening wear will be an event in itself. When we can finally go to weddings and fundraisers again, clothes appropriate for those occasions take on new meaning and value—even if the budget allows for just one special gown.

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