A Guide to Different Types of Leather Jackets

Mild weather is the perfect time to break out a brand-new leather jacket. If you’re looking for a new leather jacket to try on, consider these popular styles.


A Guide to the Different Types of Leather Jackets


When the temperatures reach their awkward in-between phase during spring and fall, leather jacket connoisseurs thrive. Whether you’re picking up a leather jacket for the first time or trying to find a new style of leather jacket, you should know your options. We’ll make your decision easier by providing you with a guide to the different types of leather jackets that will cover some of the most popular, stylish, and trending jacket styles.

Biker or Rider Jackets

One of the most classic leather jacket styles is the timeless biker jacket. These studded or belted designs keep motorcyclists looking cool while staying warm against the breeze. The open lapel and broad shoulders help you exude an air of intimidation and authority wherever you go—which may improve your confidence.

Racer Jacket

Compared to a biker jacket, a racer jacket may seem simple. They zip all the way up and have a buttoned collar to keep your neck warm. Their design is flexible—some designers may add extra seams to the shoulders, extra pockets, or stripes along the arms. Their sleek simplicity is what makes them so popular.

Bomber and Flight Jackets

Though originally designed to keep military airplane pilots warm at high altitudes, flight and bomber leather jackets quickly rose to the top of retro American fashion. People can use the terms interchangeably to describe a puffier-looking leather jacket with ribbed cuffs, waistband, and collar. Sometimes, a fur-lined lapel and collar replace the ribbing. These jackets are the height of comfort, but also fit well into a sporty, urban style.

Corset Leather Jacket

Corset-style leather jackets are currently trending. These tight, feminine jackets give your silhouette the hourglass figure of your dreams while maintaining an intimidating, sassy aura. Some corset jackets come with frills on the waist, while others have deep Vs or belts to latch the two sides together. You can also often see asymmetry in their designs.

Quilted Leather Jacket

Often a style attached to a racer leather jacket is the quilted leather jacket. Quilted leather jackets aren’t for everyone, but they add sportiness to the style that a racer jacket may not have on its own. A jacket can feature full quilting or partial quilting, but either way, the diamond-shaped seams will make your style stand out in a crowd.

When looking at any of these leather jackets, you should know what type of leather you’re buying. If you buy a high-quality, authentic leather jacket, make sure you know how to care for it. Anyone can pull off a leather jacket, but adding any of these styles from our guide to the different types of leather jackets will give you more authority on the topic.

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