Trendy ’70s Nowadays

Trendy ’70s Nowadays


Nostalgia is one of the global trends! A sense of nostalgia is one of the worldwide trends nowadays. We all get inspired from the past and intend to keep on during the most touching moments. In a traditional way, fashion designers draw inspiration from the uniqueness of different epochs.

So, now just the 70s are highly popular on the runway and in new designer’s collections. The style of the 1970s is an amazing chapter in the history of fashion. It combines the elegance of Brigitte Bardot and Bianca Jagger, bold compositions, and ostentatious sexuality. All the iconic couture houses, including Gucci, Chloé, and Dolce & Gabbana, turn to the traditions of this style. What are the special features of the 1970s and what should we take from it?

'70s fashion

In the ’70s, they used to combine bright colors, with people wearing knitted vests, turtlenecks, flared trousers, corduroy and velvet suits, jackets and blouses with ruffles and bows, and, of course, long dresses with ethnic prints (Indian folklore), in the hippie style.

The unisex era of the 1970s almost managed to erase the boundaries between women’s and men’s styles. The trends were the same for everyone, regardless of gender. Another attribute of the 70s were shirts with sharp corners of the collars, which were worn under a jumper or a knitted vest.

Girls of the ’70s, boldly combined bright jackets, for example, red with a pink, green, or blue shirt, and under the bottom, they wore white trousers or a mini-skirt.

The main print during that time was considered cage. It was on skirts, on pantsuits, etc. Ethnic motifs were in the background, they could be on dresses, tunics, coats, and knitwear, and surely the floral print, as the most popular with flowers and geometric patterns. And accessories — silk shawls, aviator glasses, glasses of unusual shape in a wide frame, berets, massive jewelry, etc.


purple dress

As for the bohemian fashion of the ’70s, the bright dresses with sequins, long dresses made of chiffon, feathers, and fringe were always welcomed.

Winter style of the ’70s was demonstrated with colored fur coats with a long pile, bomber jackets with a fur collar, long sheepskin coats.

In modern fashion, you should not delve into the style and adopt all the details of this image. Otherwise, it would look like old fashion outfits. It would be better to use just “quotes” from the ’70s in your look.

You can choose several fashionable trends and beat everything in a modern way. For example, mix a knitted corduroy set (pants and vest) with a silk scarf, circle-shaped sunglasses, and trendy modern bag!

Unisex silhouette – high-waisted slim pants and oversized tailoring vest, trendy loafers with a rough sole, and classic bag. The look is in monochromatic colors.

Get inspired from the past but please stay enjoying the “now”! Have fun with your style.





Photos – Albina Little @alittlesmilephoto, styled by Maria Alkhalil @mariaalkhalil, Models  – Samantha Lilly @sammy_Lilly, and James Moceri @jamesmoceri

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