Essential Tips for Layering Your Jewelry

Jewelry is a great way to express your personal flair without trying too hard. Stay stylish all summer long with our essential tips for layering your jewelry.

Essential Tips for Layering Your Jewelry


Whether you’re effortlessly styling swimwear in summer or need help dressing up a drab fit, layered jewelry is the way to go. Carefully stacked and layered jewelry is an easy approach to spice up any outfit, providing glints and gleams in a simple yet impactful manner. Layering your jewelry isn’t as simple as donning every jewelry item at once, however. To create a sophisticated and engaging accessory loo, consider our essential tips for layering your jewelry.

Play with Texture

Implement both dainty and chunky jewelry components into your repertoire. A range in weight, density, and overall bulkiness will help create an accessory equilibrium.

Mix Up Your Lengths

To avoid weighing down one section of your neck both physically and visually, incorporate different lengths of necklaces. Mixing in both long and short necklaces establishes a balance and keep your assortment of jewelry subtle, not clunky.

Accessorizing Secret: Not only does having long and short necklaces keep looks lighthearted, it helps minimize your experiences of a chunky tangle at the base of your neck.

Try Different Metals

It’s time to unlearn the belief that silver and gold don’t belong together. When thoughtfully paired, silver and gold make quite the complementary pair. You can also see how incorporating rose gold and other kinds of pieces into your jewelry collection unifies fits.

Accessorizing Secret: Though you can mix metals, you should always avoid mixing different levels of quality jewelry. A cheap ring will appear even more mediocre when placed next to a revered, costly ring.

Avoid Overkill

With all this talk of layering jewelry, we can’t forget one of our top essential tips for layering your jewelry that helps keep the look collected rather than chaotic. This tip is to avoid overdoing it by knowing when too much is too much.

The simplest way to limit yourself while layering is to ensure that there’s somewhat of a theme throughout. Minding any overkill will ensure that your accessories appear curated, not just piled on without thought.

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