What First-Time Wig Wearers Should Know

There are a handful of reasons why you have decided to wear a wig. Whatever the reason, here are some tips for what first-time wig wearers should know.

What First-Time Wig Wearers Should Know


Did you buy yourself a wig? You may have decided to wear a wig because you want something different and won’t make the drastic change permanent. Or you may suffer from hair loss. Whatever the reasoning, you’re now ready to journey on this wig-wearing adventure, and here is what first-time wig wearers should know.

Start Subtle

It’s usually best to start with something close to the normal color and style of your hair. This will make the maintenance of the wig less daunting. If you have short hair and buy a long-haired wig, it may seem like a lot of work to manage. And if you have straight hair but purchase a curly-haired wig, you won’t understand the issues that curly hair has.

Real Hair or Synthetic

This is a personal preference and something you have to decide before you go out and purchase your wig. Real hair is going to last you longer. Synthetic cannot have heat tools used on it and will last you around a year. It’s also a good idea to keep in mind how often you will wear the wig.

You Can Wear It Year-Round

You don’t have to save your wig for the cooler months of the year. Staying cool in the summer with your wig is tricky, but don’t worry: you can stay cool while wearing your wig during the summer. As a new wig wearer, comfort is key. Understanding how to handle the weather year-round is imperative.

Take Care of Your Wig

After a long day of wig-wearing, make sure you are properly maintaining your wig. Brush it, wash it regularly, and store it properly. A wig stand, wig shampoo, and a wig comb are all inexpensive. You need to wash your wig about every week, or every 5-10 wears. Your wig is an investment, and you don’t want to ruin it before you have a chance to enjoy it.

Rock It

Use the wig to show off your amazing sense of style! As you become more confident in your wig endeavors, build your collection. You can treat wigs the same way you treat handbags or shoes: find the perfect one for each outfit and mood. Experiment with different styles and colors.

Wearing a wig may seem intimidating at first, but don’t let it stop you. It will become second nature, like riding a bike or tying your shoes. Each wig has its own personality and will help you shine bright! A wig can bring you a sense of confidence you did not realize you were missing. These are just a few things that first-time wig wearers should know.

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