Looking Chic: Top Fashion Trends To Try This Fall

As you swap out your closet, hold onto those vibrant colors since they’re one of the many top fashion trends to try this fall. Plan your wardrobe with ease!

Looking Chic: Top Fashion Trends To Try This Fall


Fashion constantly shifts, so what was in last fall may not look chic in 2021. As the seasons change and the weather cools down, swap out your summer pastels for some autumn outfits! With this guide, you’ll know what the top fashion trends to try this fall are, so you can welcome the cool weather with style.

Loose-Fit Denim

Grab your bell-bottoms or favorite pair of bootcut jeans because, this fall, that’s all the rage. Best of all, these cute bottoms pair great with a sweater vest—another popular item. You could also pair your jeans with a fitted tee or a tucked-in blouse.

If you prefer to wear denim with a bit of edge, then the good news is ripped wide-leg jeans are also totally stylish this fall! And nothing pairs better with denim than a pair of Western boots, so if you’re looking for the top western fashion trends of 2021, then search no more!

Bold Colors

The more saturated the color, the better this season, and runway models have proven that. Seek out saturated hues of blue, green, and purple, for instance. You can style this look with an oversized sweater and leggings or have that pop of color be its own accessory.

Fashion Tip

When it comes to bright colors, some advise keeping it to a minimum, but this fall, get vibrant! Fashionistas everywhere advise you to keep your outfits playful with plenty of bright colors. However, if dressing bold is out of your comfort zone, then you can look just as trendy with a muted outfit that includes just one or two pops of color.

Geometric Prints

Get ready to welcome geometric designs of the ‘70s. To show off your incredible sense of fashion, buy yourself a dress, sweater, or top with this print. If you’re trying to plan an outfit with this article of clothing, make sure whatever else you wear is neutral to avoid a fashion mishap.


Another top fashion trend to try this fall is plaid. Not only is this design geometric, but it also follows the 2021 autumn style of academic-inspired fashion. Search out a cute trench coat, opt for a plaid skirt, or wear a button-down—that’s another incredibly trendy piece to rock during the chilly months.


Luckily, almost everyone has at least one button-down somewhere in their closet, so following this trend is easy! As far as button-downs go, your options range from a classic flannel to a lovely pastel. Try layering your top with another chic yet neutral item, like a vest, to make this outfit work.

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