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Reasons You Should Clean Your Jacket Zipper

There are many reasons you should clean your jacket zipper to make it last longer. Practice sustainability and save money with best zipper practices.

Reasons You Should Clean Your Jacket Zipper

The part of your jacket you need the most is often the first to fail. Don’t let your zippers snag and jam when you take time to maintain them. Knowing the reasons you should clean your jacket zipper may motivate you to pay more attention to this important element. After all, fasteners are key to the function of your coat! Keep reading to find out why zippers are essential.

Improve Zipper Function

No one likes a pesky zipper. It’s frustrating at best and useless at worst. If your zipper starts to stick or jam, you may need to clean or lubricate it. Start by inspecting the teeth for stuck threads or damaged materials. If the zipper isn’t broken, consider adding something to grease the teeth and help the slider glide over them better.

Save Money

If the zipper on your jacket breaks, you can either find a way to fix it or buy a new one. Either way, new materials cost money. Most people choose to buy a new jacket since sewing zippers is challenging and time-consuming.

Help Your Jacket Last Longer

When you find a coat you love, you don’t want to replace it. Find ways to extend the life of your zipper so you can use your jacket forever. Part of sustainability is investing time in what you own. The fewer jackets you toss out, the less waste you create.

Protect Other Garments

A wonky zipper may harm your clothing. It can happen in the wash or while you’re wearing the jacket. For instance, broken sliders may snag your sleeves and cause more damage to your jacket. A bad zipper can tear soft fabrics in the washer and dryer during spin cycles, especially if you don’t turn them inside out.

The reasons you should clean your jacket zipper are so your clothes last as long as possible. It’s not sustainable to get a new one each time your zipper is stuck. You’ll save money and improve the function of your fastener when you learn to fix it yourself.


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