Ways to Improve Your Graphic T-Shirt Designs

Taking your quality of graphic tees to the next level is all part of creating a memorable brand. Here are a few ways to improve your graphic t-shirt designs.

Ways to Improve Your Graphic T-Shirt Designs


During your downtime, you find activities that inspire and exhilarate you. It helps reduce the mundane routine of everyday life, giving you a window of time to enjoy yourself. Perhaps you like fashion and enjoy experimenting with different styles and fabrics. So you decide to take it into your own hands and design your brand of t-shirts.

However, you feel that your expertise isn’t professional enough or think your creations aren’t high-quality. No fear though, you can easily find ways to improve your graphic t-shirt designs with some practice and research. So whip out that drawing tablet and get going.

Staying Simple is Best

One of the best ways to improve your graphic t-shirt designs is to pull back and keep them simple when designing your brand. Simplicity stands out the most in the world of design and art. When designing logos, techniques, and prints, you’re putting out a reflection of yourself.

Perhaps you have gone overboard with the decorative accents and textures. No need to fret; remove any excess bulk or overlays. From there, you can keep your designs relatively simple to your standard. If you want to use animals as a design element for your merchandise, keep it in a theme or one animal species.

Shirt Quality Matters

After creating designs that please you, consider what kind of shirts you wish to use. Shirt textures and fabrics make a significant impact on how the shirt will display your designs. Think of the demographic you want to target; are they athletes, or are they office workers? Do they live in cool or warm climates? It’s all a part of how your target audience will feel about your shirts.

As for materials, the thinner fabrics can get heavy, lay funny against the skin, and even feel uncomfortable. You should also know how to make heat transfer vinyl last longer, so your shirts don’t fall apart after one wash.

Practice Your Skills

During the development of your shirt designs, you’ll run into mistakes and hiccups. So take the time to practice everything you can, from drawing the same logo repeatedly to preparing shipment orders for customers and clients.

Additionally, these skills will help you become quicker and more efficient. So do your research for customer service requirements, layout ink for your shirts, and keep practicing your craftsmanship.

From there, your brand will start to become more focused and have a professional appeal. You might start with a niche group of interested customers but make every single item special. You put your heart and hard work into creating something unique, so go hard or go home for every graphic design enthusiast.


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