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Styles of Pants and Trousers That are Trendy for 2022

Feeling stylish makes you feel good, even if you’re working from home and avoiding crowds. Let’s look at styles of pants and trousers that are trendy for 2022.

Styles of Pants and Trousers That are Trendy for 2022


Eventually, you’ll wear out your work-from-home sweatpants. When you do, you can buy yourself some new ones because sweatpants are among these styles of pants and trousers that are trendy for 2022.

Wide-Leg Trousers

These look great on all body types. They flow down in generous billows of fabric, creating movement and emphasizing an hourglass shape with a belted waistline.

Low-Rise Jeans

After a prolonged run for high-waisted “Mom” jeans, the waistlines for denim are headed back south. You may not feel ready for them, but don’t worry—you’ve still got a long winter ahead of you to work on those abs.

High-Waisted Trousers

Although the trend for high-waisted jeans is tapering off, high-waisted trousers are on a roll. You’ll find paper bag pants and high-waisted trousers paired with matching blazers to create a pulled-together, business-appropriate look.


These have become a fashion staple, almost on the level of the little black dress. Styling is critical with leggings, so learn some rules for wearing leggings. For example, they pair well with an oversized top. Choose footwear wisely, and try popular leather styles to add some elegance.

Flared Legs

Flared legs have moved beyond classic bell-bottom jeans to become an element of more formal trousers. Longer lengths designed to go over high heels give an appearance of height.

Color, Stripes, and Plaids

Classic solids will always be in style, but styles of pants and trousers that are trendy for 2022 include unexpected colors (pink jeans, aqua trousers), stripes, and plaids. Colors will make jeans pop, while you’ll see stripes on wide-leg and flowy gaucho styles.

Plaids will appear in high-waisted, form-fitting trousers with flared legs or tapered and cropped styles.

Whatever your preference, you can find a style that expresses your personality in 2022. Oh, and those sweatpants? Try a pair with pockets, cuffed ankles, or classic gray throwbacks.


Photo – Tran Nhu Tuan

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