The Different Types of Beauty Salons and What They Do

Learn about the different types of beauty salons. Find the right professional salon for the services you need and have confidence in your salon of choice.

The Different Types of Beauty Salons and What They Do


Some salons truly do it all, from wax to nails to hair. Although these salons can be a great option if you need a one-stop-shop, they might not have as detailed of an understanding of each service. Therefore, you should choose a specific salon for the service that you need to receive. Learn about the different types of beauty salons and what they do.

Hair Salon

A hair salon is just as it suggests. These salons have hired professional and licensed beauticians. Most likely, you can receive a cut and color service at a hair salon. However, if you plan to get a color, be sure to contact your stylist and have a game plan before your appointment. Some appointments have time allotted to planning for your cut and color. However, it doesn’t hurt to call ahead and have a plan before you show up. Your stylist will appreciate this. In turn, you won’t be sitting in the salon chair as long.

Wax Salon

A wax salon specializes in providing wax services to its clients. The services they offer depend on each salon, but many provide services ranging from eyebrows to all over body wax services. A lot of these services depend on having the right salon wax warmers and their size. The more wax needed, the larger and more efficient of a warmer they need. Call a wax salon before you show up to ensure they know the service you desire.

Nail Salon

A nail salon specializes in nail services. Although many salons offer nail services, they might not provide the specific design or vision you’d like. A salon that solely provides nail services will have the resources and professionalism to bring your creative vision to life.

Every hand and nail shape is different. A professional at a nail salon will help you decide what acrylic shape is most flattering and what color looks best with your skin tone. Advocate for yourself and ask for this professional opinion once you get into the salon, especially if you’re having your nails done for a special event.

Not every salon is the same, even if they dabble in the same salon specialty. If you have any questions before your first appointment, don’t be afraid to ask them over the phone before your appointment. Keep in mind the different types of beauty salons and what they do, and decide where you’d like to book an appointment first.


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