Helpful Tips for Finding the Perfect Prom Shoes

Here’s a question for you: after you’ve found your prom dress, what’s the next step? Getting prom shoes! These are some tips for finding perfect prom shoes.

Helpful Tips for Finding the Perfect Prom Shoes


Prom season is quickly approaching, and if you haven’t begun looking for your dress yet, you should think about starting as soon as possible. Next to the dress, the shoes are of extreme importance. These are some helpful tips for finding the perfect prom shoes.

Start Looking Early

Prom shoes are in stock early in the year, and right after you find the perfect dress, you should begin looking for the perfect shoes. If you hesitate or wait too long, you could run into the issue of finding that the shoes you want aren’t available in your size. Or maybe you want a specific color, but the store’s out of that particular shade. Get shoe shopping out of the way so that you can get to crossing other items off the list.

Shop Later in the Day

Shopping later in the day isn’t necessary because selection or sales are better, but because of your feet. As the day wears on, your feet swell. It makes sense to purchase shoes that fit when your feet are at their largest instead of when they’re the smallest.

Find Your Dress First

You want your shoes to match your dress. So logically, you should wait to go shoe shopping until you’ve found your gown. Look for shoes that are the same tone or darker than the gown. Plus, if you have a long dress, you want the heels to fit the length.

Value Style and Comfort

It goes without saying that you want your prom shoes to impress, but you’re also going to be in them for quite some time while dancing and standing.

Try on any pair that catches your eye as you’re searching the aisles. Take time to walk around with them on. How do they feel? Do you need to go up a size? Are they easy to walk in? It may not be the best idea to purchase a pair of stilettos if you’ve never worn them before.


If you must have uncomfortable high-heels, grab a pair of fancy, comfy shoes to change into when your feet begin to hurt.

Going prom dress shopping and looking for shoes should be a fun and exciting experience. Follow the above tips for finding the perfect prom shoes, and you’ll be ready to dance the night away in no time.


Photo – Clem Onojeghuo

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