The Take Over of Maximalist Fashion

The Take Over of Maximalist Fashion


From wearing multiple vibrant colors or mixing various bold prints, to combining both with hundreds of accessories and layering everything atop each other. Maximalist Fashion. Yes. Maximalist fashion is back and bigger than ever before. 

Maximalist fashion is typically associated with being very flamboyant and flashy. The look combines a variety of colors, prints, and textures in one single look. Some may even refer to it as being a form of camp. There are many ways one can incorporate maximalist fashion into their own wardrobe and style, even for those who may lean towards more of a minimalist style. 

The easiest way to slowly bring some more maximalist fashion into your life is to take a look in your closet and pick out some statement pieces or colors that you already love. Once you have those in hand, try experimenting to see if some of them can go together. Although at first it may seem like “a bit much” to wear together— you’re already on the right track. That’s what maximalism is all about. It’s never too much. 

Another hack to get more into maximalist fashion is by choosing one accessory that may be a little out there and style your outfit from there. For example, I recently thrifted a sparkly bag in the shape of a corset. (Yes, you read that right. It’s a bag…but also a corset). I wish I was kidding when I say that the cashier at the thrift store asked me why I was getting the bag, or when I showed my friends and I could see the color leave their faces. The idea here is to choose something that may seem so odd or horrendous to some, but flip it around and make it fashion. By choosing an outrageous and flashy accessory, you open the door to hundreds of possibilities in maximalist fashion. While it may seem easier to just go ahead and try styling around the accessory by choosing colors that are already there— the fun part is being able to choose different textures, prints, and colors. Be wild, there are no rules to maximalist fashion. 

Since maximalist fashion has taken the world by storm, it only makes sense that it has also flooded fashion TikTok. Although sometimes trends can be annoying to scroll through since they can get repetitive. Maximalism is one of those trends that cannot be duplicated as easily as others. If you find yourself really struggling to understand maximalist fashion or genuinely have no idea where to start, try checking out TikTok. Some popular fashion TikTokers that do a great job at capturing maximalist fashion are Myra Magdalen (@myramagdalen on TikTok) and Clara Perlmutter (@tinyjewishgirl on TikTok). 

With the weather warming up and summer right around the corner, you now have more time than ever before to experiment with your style. Why not try getting into maximalist fashion and letting loose?  Put something fun together and tag us @detfashionnews using #detroitfashion. We’ll be sure to share your great maximalist look with our followers!


Photo – Godisable Jacob

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