2022 Top Beauty Trends You Should Try

As fashion evolves, so do makeup, hair, and nail trends. These top beauty trends you should try in 2022 will highlight your beauty and complement your style.

2022 Top Beauty Trends You Should Try


Mask on; mask off. Is it any wonder that eyes, hair, and nails are taking center stage for another year? Here are some 2022 top beauty trends you should try — whatever the current mask rules may be in your community.


Shine will be all over your face in 2022, one way or another. Some makeup artists are urging clients to combine foundation with a bit of moisturizer for a soft, natural glow, using powder only on features they wish to de-emphasize.

Skin will be understated, showcasing a smooth, natural look, but eyes will boldly glow in 2022 with shadows deliberately designed to shimmer and shine in lightly metallic or saturated colors. Although the overall palette for skin is natural and nude, you’ll see bolder blush sweeping across the cheeks and up toward the eyes to give the face a splash of color above a neutral, glossy lip.


Speaking of eyes, since they’re the most noticeable feature when the rest of your face is concealed behind a protective mask, the dramatic eye is all the rage in 2022. Whether lined with ’60s-inspired wings or accentuated with bold color, the eyes will definitely have it in 2022.


Nail art comes of age in 2022 with new formulations of gel polish forming the base for stickers, dots, gems, and modified French manicures that incorporate new shapes or colors at the nail tip. But dazzling adornment won’t stop at the nails. Expect to see rhinestone accents affixed to the inner or outer corners of the eyes and glittery hair jewelry calling attention to delicate ears and sleek updos.

Sleek and Natural Hair

High-puff hairstyles combine slicked back (or up) bases with big, bold puffs of natural hair on top. For hair without that natural coil, slicked-back styles such as buns, braids, or face-framing locks will adorn heads in 2022.

All-Over Skin Care

Some call it the “skinification” of hair, as more attention will focus on scalp conditioners, hair masks, and other skin-care-like products aimed at boosting hair health. At the same time, body products will aim at smoothing and adding shine and moisture to arms, legs, and torsos for skin as lovely as the face.


We’ll see more refillable and recyclable packaging for beauty products in 2022 along with a trend toward “waterless” products. Conserving water is now a global necessity, and reducing the presence of water in beauty products and routines is part of that effort. Waterless shampoos and shampoo bars reduce the use of water in the product itself. Furthermore, beauty products based on botanicals and skin-soothing oils are more concentrated and therefore need little, if any, preservatives.

Go forth and get gorgeous with these 2022 top beauty trends.


Photo – Kristina Paukshtite

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