The Most Popular Metals Used To Create Modern Jewelry

If you’re about to go shopping for new jewelry, you may not know the metals used. These are the most popular metals used to create modern jewelry.

The Most Popular Metals Used To Create Modern Jewelry


There are so many jewelry options available that you’re sure to find what you need. One of the most significant decisions regarding jewelry is the metal used to create the ring, necklace, or bracelet. If you’d like a better understanding of the most popular metals used to create modern jewelry, take the time to read on!


Is there anything more classic than gold jewelry? A timeless metal, gold is a fabulous choice for any piece of jewelry. Gold combines other metals, like zinc, copper, nickel, and silver, measured in karats. This measurement describes the percentage of pure gold compared to the amount of other metals in the piece. Depending on your style, there are a few gold variations to choose from.

Yellow Gold

When you hear someone discuss gold, yellow gold is usually what they’re talking about. It’s a pure gold alloy with zinc or copper.

White Gold

Jewelers combine pure gold with metals such as silver and palladium to achieve the greyish color of white gold.

Rose Gold

This trendy metal combines pure gold and a significant amount of copper to give the metal its pink hue.


Sterling silver is a gorgeous option for any jewelry piece. Its light grey hue makes it highly versatile and neutral, meaning you can wear sterling silver for any occasion. You can also mix silver with other metals. It’s hypoallergenic and the least likely metal to cause skin infections or irritations.

Sterling silver is incredibly durable and long-lasting, which is why many family heirlooms made of sterling silver. If you have any silver jewelry heirloom pieces, understand how to maintain these pieces to continue passing them on for generations to come.


Another popular metal used to create modern jewelry is platinum. If you’re searching for a durable jewelry piece, platinum will be your go-to. It’s often alloyed with cobalt and copper for a unique look, but platinum can also combine with other metals to make it even stronger. It will never tarnish and is incredibly strong, so many couples choose it for their wedding bands.

The best part of jewelry is that you don’t have to pick one metal. You can have a collection containing all different types to be ready for whatever occasion arises. Gold, sterling silver, platinum—they’re all attractive options!


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