Ways to Get Your Wardrobe Ready for the Summer

Time to make room in your closet for 2022’s summer staples. Here are some ways to get your wardrobe ready for the summer and all the trends to look out for.

Ways to Get Your Wardrobe Ready for the Summer


Summer is one of the most important times of year for fashion. The warmer temperatures offer an opportunity to experiment with lighter looks, brighter colors, and patterns. It’s hard to get into the summer mood when your winter clothes are still cluttering up your wardrobe. Make sure that you take the time to transition your closet for the season. Here are some effective ways to get your wardrobe ready for the summer and what you can incorporate to ensure you’re ready for fun in the sun.

Put Your Winter Clothes in Storage

If you haven’t already, it’s time to pack up your fall and winter clothing. Though the temperature might dip on occasion, a light jacket usually suffices in spring and summer, and your bulky sweaters are taking up much-needed space in your closet. Take your time folding and packing them neatly into a drawer or storage container. This way, they’re out of your way but will be ready to wear again come fall.

Invest in New Sunny Outfits

Once you have the extra room, break out your summer clothes, taking care to try things on to see if they still fit. Don’t be afraid to donate items that you don’t like anymore and replace them with a few exciting new choices. After all, plenty of new styles, colors, and patterns will release at the start of the season, and it never hurts to freshen things up. Sundresses and lighter tops are trendy options. Keep an eye out for your next favorite outfit!

Upgrade Your Eyewear

Speaking of eyes, your eyewear could also benefit from an upgrade this time of year. Just like our skin, our eyes also need protection from the sun. As such, investing in a new pair of readers or shades is another one of the top ways to get your wardrobe ready for the summer season. The right frames can complement your features and bring out the best in your appearance. Just make sure that you know how to choose the right glasses for your face shape.

Break Out the Open-Toed Shoes

Make sure you switch up your footwear as well. Summer is perfect for breaking out your open-toed shoes, whether they’re flip-flops or a classy pair of sandals. No summer outfit is fully complete without them. Like your other clothing, consider donating or throwing away pairs that you don’t want anymore and replacing them with modern styles and patterns.

Transitioning your wardrobe in preparation for the summer months is vital to staying fashionable and having fun. A closet full of winter clothes can make it difficult to shop for new things, discouraging you from embracing the season’s new styles. So, use these tips to ensure you’re ready for every cute top or pair of shoes you find.


Photo – Justin Brian

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