Technology Trends Transforming the Fashion Industry

Technology Trends Transforming the Fashion Industry

Virtual Reality & 3D Printing Making Fashion Intelligent.


The future is near, and it’s getting more innovative for niche industries like fashion. As a small clothing company, you might want to know some of the technology trends currently transforming the fashion industry—here are four to look out for this year.


Virtual Reality (VR)

Virtual reality has become one of the most used forms of technology for gaming, simulating imagery tools for surgeries, and even clothing design. While you once had to rely on the mirror in a changing room to decide what to buy, VR takes it a step further by allowing you to virtually try on outfits before buying.

Using VR is also great for marketing campaigns, as VR users can interact with ads and quickly find what piece stands out to them and try it on! VR is the personal stylist that everyone needs to design their closets.

3D Printing

The future is bright and environmentally conscious. Every designer needs to be environmentally friendly, especially when creating products with more than one material. New technologies are assisting in cutting costs and putting a halt to fast fashion.

Brands have adopted 3D printing because of its rapid prototyping technique. Rapid prototyping is a risk-free function that 3D printers can do to create multiples of one design. You could make the next Louis Vuitton bag or the most comfortable gloves anyone has ever worn. Whatever design you’re planning to make multiples of, you can benefit from 3D printing’s rapid prototyping technique.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

There’s something AI will never do, and that’s replace the worker. Or, will it? AI works alongside employees to learn and enhance day-to-day operations rather than completely substituting an entire process. You can implement AI into all creation processes, from analyzing trends to ensuring accurate measurements.

You can also use AI in your business by analyzing current trend forecasts and implementing fun interactive tools for customers, like a style quiz. These are some of the amazing things AI can do to improve your day-to-day work operations.

Lab-Grown Fabrics

Who says inorganic materials aren’t eco-friendly? Many say that lab-grown fabrics aren’t safe and waste more material and energy—that’s quite the opposite of what lab-grown materials are. Various modern fashion companies have resorted to growing their own leather in labs to avoid harming animals and reusing material that would end up in landfills.

Clothing fabrics are slowly becoming intelligent; for example, clothing made with Ebb can change colors based on mood and setting. It’s exciting to think about changing the pigment of fabric based on your mood, but for now, let’s focus on learning the various technologies transforming the fashion industry today.


Photo – Areous Ahmad


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