What You Need to Know About Styling Flannel

What You Need to Know About Styling Flannel

Let’s Get Cozy with a Little Denim and Flannel.


From outdoorsy to grunge aesthetics, flannels do it all. They are more than just woven checkered prints.

Flannels have a rich history emerging from Wales as a replacement for wool. They come in many forms, from button-downs to jackets, and you can find them in everyday wardrobes. Make the most of this fashion item with some key flannel styling tips.

Plain Pairs with Plaid

Busy patterns—floral, Versace Barocco, animal prints, etc.—pair well with plains. The simplicity balances out the visual chaos of the prints, making them a perfect styling match. Wearing a plain tee under an open flannel button-down is a go-to styling option for this popular cross-hatch pattern. Complete the outfit with jeans and sneakers for a casual look or leggings, boots, and a beanie for an outdoorsy aesthetic.

Red Symbolizes Lumberjacks

When flannel crossed the ocean from Wales to the Americas in the 18th century, it became the staple uniform of outdoorsmen. Flannel’s woven design made it a durable and suitable material to brace the wild outdoors—woodlands, mountains, and marshes—of the east coast. It became a symbol of hardworking, rugged outdoorsmen, like lumberjacks.

When dyed red, a traditional color of decadence and prominence, flannels further symbolized the ideal masculinity of the time. People admired those who braved the dangers of the wild woods.

Red flannels still hold a close association with lumberjacks and outdoorsy, rugged lifestyles. Lean into the rustic, mountain, and woodsy aesthetic with a pair of thick boots and a hat to go with the red flannel.

Oversized Brings On the Coziness

An oversized flannel creates a great casual yet chic winter outfit idea. It gives you a cozy, warm top coat to wear over sweaters or hoodies. They look good buttoned down or up and complement other cold-weather outfit essentials, like denim, leggings, beanies, and boots. Oversized flannels also go hand-in-hand with knee-high boots and oversized sweater dresses.

Mom Jeans and a Tucked Tee Dominate the Streets

Streetwear and normcore epitomize comfy casual. There are looks that make the urban streets the perfect runway. Styling mom jeans—or any baggy denim—with a tucked flannel tee gives you a classic casual outfit fit for dominating the streets. Whether you’re out running errands or meeting a friend in town, denim with a tucked-in flannel is a go-to look for any casual outing.

Flannel is a versatile and influential fashion item worth keeping in stock in your wardrobe. It can hold different meanings and pair well with other wardrobe staples. Enjoy all that flannels offer with these styling tips and tricks.


Photo – Lucas Alves

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