Conscious Luxury Brand Nadjarina To Release Eco-Friendly Plantable Hangtags

Luxury Brand Nadjarina Offers Hangtags That Help The Earth


In order to adapt to more sustainable business practices, the Nadjarina brand is taking creative steps to make a difference for our planet. The L.A. based brand takes sustainable branding one step further than the rest by creating earth-friendly hangtags that are designed to grow herbs and wildflowers to support planet earth. It’s genius and we’re grateful.


Nadjarina is a brand that aims to redefine the industry standards with its Conscious Luxury ethos. It’s consistently seeking solutions to further sustainability within every aspect of the company.

“Hangtags are important for branding, but will inevitably be removed and trashed once you bring your purchases home, adding to the waste cycle. We looked at recycled materials & compostable hangtags (which our logo hangtag will be of), but we wanted to push that concept further. Our About hangtags, once removed from the garment, can now be planted to grow lavender or wildflowers or herbs! “ explains Lindsey Mallon, Designer & Founder.

“Sustainability in our brand focuses on more than just environmental impact. Yes, using natural resources and minimal waste practices, a small carbon footprint – those are all things important, and things we focus on. Sustainability is also about the community that brings our vision to life. There are human lives, hours of labor, work conditions that create a quality of life for everyone involved. We need to talk about that too, and start challenging the industry to set that bar higher, and use fashion to empower those around us”(Lindsey Mallon, Founder).


The hangtags read, “Our pieces are handmade in Los Angeles with a focus on ethical practices and naturally sourced materials of the finest quality. Nadjarina is a story of passionate craft, looking at the future of fashion” on one side, with instructions to plant the hangtag to grow your plant on the reverse side, as well as a note about their return program.

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