Sow Good Seeds Owner Creates Pendants with Mango Seeds

Mark Green, Sow Good Seeds Owner Creates Pendants with Mango Seeds

Mark Green, the owner and creative mind behind Detroit business Sow Good Seeds, found a way to come out on top in the middle of the pandemic. Social distancing and staying away from others gave him the opportunity to find his inner artist and we can’t get enough of his new talent and one-of-a-kind creations.


Green now spends his days creating and painting mango seeds. With a steady hand and colorful paints, he turns mango seeds into beautifully hand-painted jewelry pendants in his Michigan home.


“The products I use to make these pendants are mango seeds, and paint. That’s all I can share about how I make my creation. I will add, that it is a very timely process and each pendant is handcrafted from start to finish.” Says, Mark Green.


He gets his inspirations from the Water Colors jazz station on SiriusXM radio and this first-time artist has so much inspiration inside of him, he just can’t stop creating. Giving credit to his beautiful wife Esther and his daughter Hope, Green admits he’s full of inspiration with support around him and thoroughly enjoys making each piece different and unique. Creating his unique pendants takes his mind off the stresses of current political debates and added stress from the pandemic.


One day he hopes to create pendants that are chosen for photoshoots, celebrity stylist sets, and fashion shows.
We’ve created a gallery of Green’s handpainted pendants for you to view below.  Showing a mix of his old designs with a ton of new, there’s no question he creates memorable pendants for every personality and caters to those who appreciate art.


Do you see something you like? Orders can be made via email to Mark Green at The entire Sow Good Seeds collection of reversible pendants can be seen on Instagram @themlgart. To learn more about Sow Good Seeds and how Mark Green got started, click HERE to read our Designer Spotlight interview with him back in December.


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