Why Bucket Hats are So Popular this Summer

Why Bucket Hats are So Popular this Summer


If you have been following fashion trends this year, you’ll know that the bucket hat has made its comeback here in 2021. This trendy hat is more popular than ever, especially now, during the summer months. You can’t go to the beach, the pool, or the outdoor mall without seeing a few people sporting it. Here are some of the reasons why bucket hats are so popular this summer and why you might want to jump on the trend as well.

Trends & Styling

The biggest reason for the recent rise of the bucket hat is its popularity with celebrities and musicians. Famous people, such as Bella Hadid and Hailey Bieber, have worn this cute hat recently. Notable K-Pop star group BTS has also popularized the hat with its global reach. The bucket hat first started trending with teens and young adults and has now expanded to all ages. Bucket hats offer unique styles and come in various colors, making them easy to match with any outfit for great accessorizing.

Nostalgia Factor

Bucket hats may have started trending with older celebrities and fashion lovers because of their nostalgia factor. These hats first became popular in the 1980s and existed through the 1990s as huge parts of street fashion. The fashion industry seems to feature returning styles from those decades every few years, and it appears that bucket hats are the latest nostalgia-factor target.


Bucket hats may even be on the rise this summer simply for their functionality. With their wider brims, these hats offer protection from the sun’s rays for your face and shoulders. This makes them perfect for hot summer days at the beach or pool. They can also come in handy on a mountain hike or bike ride. Bucket hats combine style and function well.

This has been a look into why bucket hats are so popular this summer. If you haven’t hopped on this trend and worn a bucket hat of your own yet, you might want to do so. And for apparel business owners, now is definitely the time to find a wholesale bucket hat seller to feature this trendy hat in your shop.


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