Men’s Guide on How to Take Care of Clothing

Caring for your clothing is an essential part of looking professional and preserving your favorite pieces. Here’s a helpful men’s guide to clothing care.

Men’s Guide on How to Take Care of Clothing


Make your clothing last!


Clothing requires proper care and preservation to last a long time and remain ready for you to wear for all occasions. Here’s a helpful guide to men’s clothing care.

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Know How to Iron Your Clothes

One tip every man should learn is how to iron their clothing. While it’s easy to rely on your parent or your partner to handle ironing, it’s a simple skill anyone can learn to have clean, crisp, and wrinkle-free clothing.

Ironing helps give clothing its character; perfectly pressed cuffs, sharply creased collars, and smooth draping can make any man look sharp and professional. Ask your partner or someone you know to teach you how to iron your clothing to achieve perfectly smooth clothing for all occasions.

Keep Your Closet and Drawers Organized

When you try to find the right shirt, digging through messy dresser drawers or a cramped closet can get frustrating and lead to a bigger mess. Instead of having your clothing shoved in drawers or left in disarray, take the time to organize your clothing.

Proper organization is an essential clothing care tip that keeps your garments clean and free of unwanted odors. For instance, leaving your clothing on the floor can cause bacteria and dust to quickly cling to it, becoming trapped within the fibers and emitting unwanted musty smells. Furthermore, folding and sorting your clothes can prevent wrinkles and snagging. Use storage containers with lids to protect garments from unwanted moisture and pests.

Properly Store Your Garments

Storing your garments can help preserve your clothing for a long time. You want to avoid pests, heat, moisture, and direct sunlight to make your clothing last longer. Use storage containers with lids to protect garments from unwanted moisture and pests.

Furthermore, storing your garments in a cool, dry environment with few windows can help preserve their quality. When properly caring for your ties, rolling them up and placing them on a shelf can help them keep their natural form.

Let Your Clothing Air Out

A reliable clothesline was a simple solution for drying your clothes before household dryers came around. However, not all modern clothing should go into a dryer, so using a clothesline in your laundry room or outside can help your clothing air out.

Furthermore, if you air dry clothing outside on a clothesline, the UV rays can help sterilize bacteria and leave behind clean, dry garments. You only need to leave your clothing on a clothesline for a few hours.


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