Ways You’re Accidentally Ruining Your Clothes

There are rules to maintaining apparel, but many people fall short of following the guidelines. Discover the ways you’re accidentally ruining your clothes!

Ways You’re Accidentally Ruining Your Clothes


There are various culprits of clothing damage, from subtle mishaps to blatant mistakes. By knowing the ways you’re accidentally ruining your clothes, you can stop errors in their tracks!

Hanging Knit Sweaters

Hangers are not for knitwear, especially knit sweaters. Let’s just say gravity isn’t your knit sweater’s best friend. Eventually, the sweater’s shoulders will sag and become droopy. This is unflattering and may make knit sweaters ill-fitting on your body. Because of this, it’s best to fold knit sweaters.

Folding Leather Jackets

Did you know that folding maximizes closet space better than hanging? It saves more room in hanger compartments and lets you store clothes on shelves or in drawers. Although this is great for small wardrobes, you can’t fold all your items. In particular, folding leather jackets is a huge don’t!

Folding leather jackets increases the risk of hard-to-remove creases in the apparel. This ruins the integrity of the garment and decreases visual appeal. It’s best to hang your leather jackets in the closet.

Washing T-Shirts in Hot Water

It’s no secret that clothing can shrink in the dryer, but items can also shrink in the washing machine. Cotton is prone to shrinkage when encountering heat exposure. This includes warm water, steam, and direct sunlight. Although throwing a load of cotton T-shirts in the washer is easy, be mindful of the water setting. Forgetting to switch to cool water has consequences!

Wiping Stains Instead of Blotting

We’ve all been there. We’re eating something saucy or greasy, and the drippings fall onto our clothes. The immediate reaction is to wipe drippings away. However, wiping stains instead of blotting is a way you’re accidentally ruining your clothes. Blotting at stains is better because it prevents permanent discoloration.

Wiping and rubbing presses the substance into fabric fibers and can generate enough heat to chemically bond the stain to the fabric. When you notice stains, gently blot the imperfection using a towel with cool water. This way, the stain doesn’t set.

Storing Clothes Without Washing Them

Storing out-of-season garments creates room for seasonal outfits. After all, you don’t need heavy sweaters in the summertime. However, many people fail to properly store out-of-season clothes, and moths can eat their way through garments.

Storing unwashed clothes encourages moth infestations because of larvae-like stains, skin residue, and hair on clothes. Wash your clothes before storing them in an airtight box to discourage moth infestations.


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