8 Ways to Master the Denim-on-Denim Look

8 Ways to Master the Denim-on-Denim Look

There’s no question that denim is one of the most popular and recognizable materials in the world when it comes to fashion. From its humble beginnings as a sturdy workwear fabric to its current status as a wardrobe staple, denim has transcended fashion trends and become a true fashion classic. One particular strategy for styling denim that’s captured the hearts of fashion enthusiasts once again is the denim-on-denim look.

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Also affectionately known as the “Canadian tuxedo,”  this trend involves pairing denim garments together to create surprisingly stylish outfits. It may sound weird if you’re used to simply wearing one denim item at a time, but the denim-on-denim look can be an awesome way to show off this material’s iconic heritage as well as your individual style.

Find it challenging to pull off double-denim ensembles with confidence? Own this look by learning the basics of wearing denim on denim. Here are some handy tips for creating double-denim outfits that won’t appear dowdy or one-note:

Play with Contrasting Washes

Contrasting washes can add depth and visual interest to a denim-on-denim or all-denim ensemble. Pairing light-washed jeans with a dark-washed denim jacket, for example, to create a pleasing contrast that keeps the look from appearing repetitive. Choose contrasting colors as well as washes, like a faded
blue denim shirt with black jeans, for a classic and laid-back look that’s perfect for casual outings and errands.

Mix Different Denim Styles

You can also vary up denim styles when incorporating more than one denim item into your outfit. You’ll be surprised how natural and well put together you can look, for example, in some distressed denim shorts and a polished denim button-up shirt. Why not mix raw denim with a distressed denim jacket to create a dynamic and textured outfit that effortlessly blends ruggedness with style? Or, throw on a pair of dark denim leggings and a light-colored denim chambray top for something cozy and demure. You have so many style to choose from, and limitless possibilities to mix and match them.

Experiment with Proportions

Playing with proportions can elevate your denim-on-denim ensemble by giving it more dimension. Combine a fitted denim top with some looser-fitting boyfriend jeans for a look that’s chic and relaxed at the same time. Alternatively, tuck a slim denim shirt into some high-waisted flared jeans to create a flattering silhouette that exudes retro charm. Or, wear your favorite bulky fall sweater with denim leggings for a fun but comfortable Sunday vibe.

Add and Subtract Denim Layers

Remember that you can also adjust your outfit as you go, adding or subtracting denim layers when you need to. Plop a denim jacket over a denim shirt or dress when you feel cold, and put the former aside when it’s no longer chilly. You can also pair a denim vest with a denim jumpsuit to create an ensemble that’s both on-trend and fashion-forward, sporting both at your next venture to the bar or club.

Make Denim the Statement Piece

To make a double-denim ensemble truly pop, try emphasizing one denim garment as the focal point of your outfit and making the other garment a complementary accent. Consider styling a denim jumpsuit as the centerpiece, keeping accessories and other elements minimal to let the jumpsuit shine, and
finishing it off with a simpler and more subdued denim jacket.

Experiment with Printed Denim Pieces

Take your denim-on-denim look to the next level by incorporating printed denim pieces into your ensemble. Floral prints or geometric patterns on denim jackets will add a touch of femininity and visual interest to your outfit, ensuring that it won’t look boring even if there’s already a lot of denim there. Wear a plain denim polo shirt with some white animal print jeans for a bold ensemble that wouldn’t look out of place at a rock concert.

Incorporate Denim Accessories into Your Look

Don’t overlook the power of denim accessories when it comes to completing a full-on denim look. Add some naughties flavor to your outfit by using a denim handbag or donning a denim cap, bucket hat, or headband. If you can get your hands on them, you can even wear denim shoes, such as denim sneakers or boots, to really stand out. Finish your outfit with other offbeat denim accessories, like a bib necklace with denim tassels, denim woven bracelets, or denim fringe earrings.

Pay Attention to Fit and Tailoring

Lastly, the key to achieving a polished denim-on-denim look lies in paying attention to fit and tailoring. Whether you’re wearing jeans, denim jumpsuits, or denim skirts with denim tops and layers, make sure they’re well-fitted and that they flatter your body shape. If necessary, make alterations to achieve the desired fit, such as hemming your jeans or breaking in a denim jacket. You also have the option to have your denim pieces tailor-made, so that your ensemble
looks both intentional and like it’s one of a kind.

Is there such a thing as too much denim? When you unlock the perfect denim-on-denim style combinations, the answer is no. Don’t hesitate to experiment with casual pairings or outfits that will achieve a more high-fashion statement. Venture out of the ordinary, fashion-wise, and try your hand at denim on denim!


Featured Photo – Megan Ruth

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