Transform Your Look: Different Fashion Aesthetics To Try

Transform Your Look: Different Fashion Aesthetics To Try


“Aesthetic” is an adjective referring to an appreciation of beauty or the principles that underline a work of art. These days, people use the word aesthetic to describe the look of just about anything, from one’s blog to their bedroom. When applied to one’s fashion style, an aesthetic can become a persona that someone takes on. If you want to dramatically transform your look, try out these different fashion aesthetics.


People consider any look that harkens back to the fashion of another time period “vintage.” This is a different fashion aesthetic to try if you are want to try out a variety of looks. One might think of pleated, calf-length skirts and curled hair when they think of the 1940s. You can don a black leather jacket and denim for the 1950s greaser look. Or you could try some brightly patterned sweaters and teased hair for an eighties aesthetic.


Streetwear is another aesthetic that allows for a lot of freedom and personalization. Streetwear originated from the 80s California surf and skateboard scene, but is also features touches of urban and hip-hop influences. Streetwear focuses on making casual cool with hoodies, denim jackets, baseball caps, and sneakers. Tracksuits are also a common sight in streetwear fashion if worn the right way. Streetwear has always focused on originality and not diverging from established fashion trends.


People have long associated the bohemian aesthetic with the artsy, free-spirited hippie movement of the 70s, though its roots go back to the end of the French Revolution of the 18th century. It centers around flowing fabrics, whether they’re long sundresses or loose shirts. Boho makes use of many patterns, and the color palette usually ranges from neutrals to pastels and rich color hues.


The term “preppy” originally referred to the style worn by those attending New England preparatory schools, but nowadays it has become associated with snobbery. However, preppy fashion does not have to mean “pretentious.” Preppy fashion focuses on sweaters, cardigans, khakis, loafers, and boat shoes. This aesthetic favors classic patterns like plaid, stripes, and occasionally polka dots. While many prefer simple colors like black, white, maroon, or navy blue, you can incorporate brighter colors into preppy fashion as well.

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