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The Different Engagement Ring Styles

Have you begun shopping for an engagement ring but don’t know which style is best? Do you know the many designs? Begin understanding five of the most popular.

The Different Engagement Ring Styles

The ideal engagement ring differs from bride to bride—what’s beautiful to one may not be dainty enough for another. You have countless styles to choose from, making the process challenging and even a little overwhelming. Begin by getting to know the different engagement ring styles before you start shopping.

Double Diamond

A double diamond is both beautiful and symbolic in more ways than a traditional ring is. While an engagement ring is a symbol of love and a future wedding, it is also symbolic of both partners.

To some, the stones symbolize love and friendship—two fundamental elements in a beautiful marriage. Some believe that adding more diamonds—such as a triple diamond—ties more meaning and symbolism to the ring.


Whether it’s a halo ring or an oval halo engagement band, this engagement ring is quite popular due to its gorgeous shine. The diamond has a border of smaller diamonds, attracting attention to its beauty!

Many purchase halo rings because the extra diamonds add the glamour they desire without the ring appearing too large or heavy. Moreover, some choose an oval halo because of its vintage appearance.


Like cathedral rings, solitaire rings are both classic and traditional—the simple elegance of having one solitary diamond on the ring gives it its name. Additionally, due to its simplicity, this engagement band never goes out of style and won’t steal attention from your wedding band.


As you evaluate the different engagement ring styles, don’t forget to look at cluster engagement rings, also known as illusion rings. A cluster engagement ring gets its name from a group of gemstones that make it appear as though the diamond is larger than it is. This beautiful ring is perfect if you’re hoping for one with sparkle but have a tight budget. The design is also versatile, allowing you to choose either a vintage or modern ring.

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